Tree decoration and Dancing in the the sand

Christmas New Year is always an exciting time in Lamu as the flights fill up and the kaskasi wind starts to blow. At Diamond Beach Village we get our Christmas tree hung as soon as we fell it is legitimate as we think its the coolest tree in the archipelago. We have a big collection of bouy’s that we’ve accumulated over the years from beach combers and we spray them gold and silver and hang them in our restaurant acacia tree. It looks super festive, a massive Christmas Tree with super size balls. Lot of people ask for it to be a permanent feature, but then it wouldn’t be so special.

The pizza oven is not just for pizza at this time of year as we have a turkey especially flown from Nairobi to have a traditional Christmas dinner on the 25th, on Christmas even the oven is also used to cook our seafood BBQ and our usual Lamu residents come over to celebrate.

This year we were super excited to be hosting Umoja all the way from the Netherlands thanks to our friends Distant Relatives in Kilifi. Their mental line up for their amazing Kilifi New Year party allowed Diamond to have a before and after party. Umoja killed it on the 28th December with the most amazing African tunes that got the whole of Diamond rocking. It really was a party to remember and their first African gig so hopefully one for them to remember too.

Diamond parties are put on for everyone to enjoy and this party did just that. Locals, tourists, residents: all loving it on the dance floor throwing some cool shapes with our usual Lamu Sound crew Satan and Usef spinning a few tunes. If you have any photos of the night or any other Diamond parties please do share them with us. We are always too busy and having too much fun to take any!

We wish to wish you all a very Happy New Year and lets make 2017 the time to spend the most amount of time possible in Lamu. The island of festivities.

Keep posted with the newsletter and Facebook page for DJ’s coming to Diamond during 2017 as we hope to pull out a few surprises……………..…

If you want to get back that party feeling then heres the link to Umoja’s music.