Rainy season in our other home Penzance

Uncategorised | 21st June 2018

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May & June are the usual slow months on the island and a time for me to go back to the sunny shores of Cornwall - UK to reconnect with my roots. I leave Diamond Beach, Lamu for 3 months and immerse myself and my daughter, Tima, in the other...

3 great articles in 4 months.

Uncategorised | 15th August 2017

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Really pleased to share these three articles with the world about my life on Manda, Lamu. Its not always easy living on a desert island and sometimes you feel no one even notices, to read these articles  about my achievements gives an inte...

Pizza & Film night 4.8.17

Uncategorised | 1st August 2017

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Pizza & Film Night at Diamond A United Kingdom This week we are screening A United Kingdom, a true story set in the 1940's about the King of Botswana falling in love with a British woman. A beautiful love story to enjoy during electio...

Lamu arts Festival 2017

Uncategorised | 21st July 2017

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Lamu Arts Festival 2017   February was a busy month for us and I organized the music for the 2nd Lamu Arts Festival which was no mean feat. The Lamu County Government were the main sponsors for the music and Herbert Menzer, long ti...

Christmas 2016

Uncategorised | 4th January 2017

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Tree decoration and Dancing in the the sand Christmas New Year is always an exciting time in Lamu as the flights fill up and the kaskasi wind starts to blow. At Diamond Beach Village we get our Christmas tree hung as soon as we fell ...